Friday, December 22, 2006

2nd Transformers Movie Trailer!

Check out the latest trailer from the transformers movie! more characters like optimus prime and bumblebee are seen in this! the suspense!!!

Got Cassettes?

I thought i'd never see the day when today's modern computers would be caught dead with a cassette player in them! so if you still own MC hammer, New Kids on the block or Vanilla Ice cassette tapes, have no fear cuz this player also rips songs from them and converts them into mp3. http://www.firebox.com/product/1700?src_t=wnw

Hitch! USB to USB Transfers

Ever wanted to copy the music or videos off of someone elses ipods but didnt have a computer around? or get a copy of that digital photo right after it was taken from a party without having to wait for the emailed copy? Hitch is a portable "copy" device which does that for you without the use of a computer. It copies files from and to any device that hooks up via USB.

Treo 680 Smartphone

Treo 680 Smartphone! ordered straight from Palm.com with free overnight delivery! cost was $399 or P19,950. This version has the Palm OS, no antenna, lighter and smallest treo size. I especially liked the colors they came out with, copper (orange), Crimson (red), Artic (white) and Graphite (Grey). I went for the white color, whats sad is that when the 680 gets here in the philippines, it will only be available in graphite color.

Samsung Q1 UMPC Intel Core Version with 1 Gig RAM

Samsung Q1 UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) delivered from my online suki shop in the US www.icube.us . This is the Intel Pentium M "Centrino" version plus 1 Gig of RAM and 60 Gig HD which was on promo $1,250 or P62,500.


The HTC TyTn (europe) or the Dopod 838 Pro (Asian w/ diff look) out of the box and order from http://www.phonesource-usa.com/ for $700 or P35,000 . The first Pocket PC phone to feature 3.5G HSDPA Connectivity to 3G or 3.5G networks.

Xmas Gadget Tree

I made this for a contest online. Was an entry to win a Battery Geek portable power station. This portable battery supplies power to most gadgets or even power hungry laptops for more than 9 hrs straight. Unfortunately, the contest was a random pick on who wins, not based on creativity.