Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stuck at the Airport

Stuck at the Airport, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Here is a picture of the huge crowd that filled up the airport check in

counters. What was really bad about this was that only 3 airline staff were

present that day. So not only did it matter if you were able to get a

ticket out of houston, but you'd need to be lucky enough to get your ass

out of the checkin line into security and get to the gate on time to board

your flight before it leaves! Believe me ALOT of people didn't make their

flights! I was extremely lucky to have made it in the nick of time before

the gate just closed.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Home Sweet Home!!!

Home Sweet Home!!!, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Or is it? Paradise perhaps?

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Have you watched "Day after Tomorrow"? well I am living it right now! It is literally panic mode here in Houston right now, I just came from a business conferene in Dallas,TX and was supposed to visit relatives here but just to find out that a killer/monster/colossal storm is heading this way in 2 days. Right now the following things are happening as i'm typing this:

- Cell networks are jammed, no one can make cellphone calls
- highways are packed with cars, some almost stuck for 6 hrs
- Gas stations are out of gas
- all exits out of highways are blocked by police, so ppl will get out and not get back into the cities.
- all hotels are booked in the whole TEXAS state, good thing i was able to get a room. the last in fact.
- all plane tickets out of houston to anywhere is selling out fast!!! i was in line to get a ticket and the ticekt counters were flooding with people. It was scary to think that i may not be able to get a ticket myself. Thank god i was able to secure one to san diego for tom early morning, i didnt care where i was going, as long i got out of here! I cant sleep right now with all the news thats going on TV.
- people are boarding their houses with wood to secure the windows.

Right now im just soo thankful for being able to secure a flight out tom morning and a hotel room to stay in tonite. I really feel bad for everyone on the highways who have been stuck for hours with their kids and no place to go! Even worse for the people who just evacuated new orleans after the damage done there by the storm "katrina", they came here to houston and now they have to evacuate again because Houston in now the target.. geez..

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Evidence!, originally uploaded by mj88svi.


XboX 360 in the Flesh!?

XboX 360 in the Flesh!?, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Dudes! You won't believe this but the conference im attending here in

dallas,tx for work, just happened to be the same hotel where a local game

store called game-stop is having their preview of the xbox 360 (slated) to

come out this november still.. Hmm since u guys myt not believe me I think

I better take another pic with me in it hehe

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Seen 24? Seen this?

Seen 24? Seen this?, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

If your a 24 (TV Show) junkie and you've watched the latest season where

they have now stuck this video conferencing device right beside the ever

popular Cisco IP phones with the notoriously popular ringtone heard in

every episode, then ur in for a treat! The thing is actually being sold

here in the states and works like a charm! Just when you thought u couldn't

get enough of VOIP here come VideoIP?

The Biggest portable Media Player - Archos AV700

I was in total awe when I saw the screen! my jaw literally dropped!

Monday, September 12, 2005

PLDT vs. Local ISP's for VOIP

(image placeholder)

PLDT vs. Local ISP’s for VOIP

Look like it’s a good time for consumers as local giant PLDT reduces their IDD Long distance rates due to the growing services of local ISP’s (Mozcom, Infocom, other dialup accounts) specifically VOIP.

What is VOIP? VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Its just a fancy term for talking over the internet instead of through PLDT’s phone lines. Why do people prefer to talk over the internet? Duh, its free and unlimited!? As long as you got a good speed connection and unlimited access to the internet that is.

So in summary, Local ISP’s (Internet Service Providers, not as big as PLDT who is also offering their own DSL service) have been offering VOIP services at 10 cents per min. for voice calls to other countries, this is for those people who do not own computers but still want to take advantage of the low VOIP fees. PLDT is now counter-attacking the low fee (since the government isn’t helping them either, as gov’t deemed that the ISP’s have the right to offer voip call services to end consumers and not be exclusive to pldt) by offering lower rates for their land line IDD calls. So now it will only cost 10 cents to call the US, down from the previous 40 cents all because of VOIP!

Don’t you just love Technology! I do =) second to….   Of course hehe..

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Share your Video,Photos and Music without having to upload!

I was completely blown away with this new discovery! Another great find!
If you're like me and have the following:

- A DSL account
- A computer that's ON and connected to the internet all day
- a TON of videos, music and photo files

then i strongly urge you to make ur investments worth while by getting this FREE service:


What is ORB? well unlike other file sharing programs or website's like yahoo photo or friendster which require you to upload all your photo's to their site. ORB is the reverse, what it does is brings everyone to your media through their website.
If you've got media files on your PC, ORB will search them and share them directly from your PC. Dont worry about security as you can control which files specifically you wana share.

Whats even better is that you can access your content from any device! the orb servers detect what type of internet connection you are on and automatically determines what the best size of file to deliver to your device.

So if you've got 1 mb photo files or a 600mb video file in your house and you wanna watch them on your WIFI laptop or PDA in your office or abroad, ORB is the answer!
I've tried it and as i said, BLOWN AWAY BABY! the video is smooooooth!

All my pictures and music are also shared and play as if it was on my own hard drive. My pictures are now shared with relatives local and abroad. and now with all the Phone/PDA combos coming out like the xda 2s and xda 2i that have wifi, its a joy to have wifi signals in areas outside the house. CSI,LOST,24 and Family guy comes with me where ever I may roam!

Goodbye iPod mini, Hello iPod NANO!

Quick Features:

- Thinner than a Pencil!!!
- colored screen
- view photos
- comes in black n white casing only
- comes in 2 and 4 Gig capacities
- immediately available
- 3.3 x 0.98 x 0.33 inches and .78 oz
- 1.5-inch colour screens with a resolution of 176 x 132 pixels for photo viewing
- player will automatically synchronize calendar and contacts information from Microsoft Outlook
- iPod nano will in theory be compatible with the broad range of accessories developed for previous iPod products
- usb 2.0 port
- battery life of up to 14 hours
- available worldwide immediately for $200 USD and $250 USD