Friday, December 22, 2006

2nd Transformers Movie Trailer!

Check out the latest trailer from the transformers movie! more characters like optimus prime and bumblebee are seen in this! the suspense!!!

Got Cassettes?

I thought i'd never see the day when today's modern computers would be caught dead with a cassette player in them! so if you still own MC hammer, New Kids on the block or Vanilla Ice cassette tapes, have no fear cuz this player also rips songs from them and converts them into mp3. http://www.firebox.com/product/1700?src_t=wnw

Hitch! USB to USB Transfers

Ever wanted to copy the music or videos off of someone elses ipods but didnt have a computer around? or get a copy of that digital photo right after it was taken from a party without having to wait for the emailed copy? Hitch is a portable "copy" device which does that for you without the use of a computer. It copies files from and to any device that hooks up via USB.

Treo 680 Smartphone

Treo 680 Smartphone! ordered straight from Palm.com with free overnight delivery! cost was $399 or P19,950. This version has the Palm OS, no antenna, lighter and smallest treo size. I especially liked the colors they came out with, copper (orange), Crimson (red), Artic (white) and Graphite (Grey). I went for the white color, whats sad is that when the 680 gets here in the philippines, it will only be available in graphite color.

Samsung Q1 UMPC Intel Core Version with 1 Gig RAM

Samsung Q1 UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) delivered from my online suki shop in the US www.icube.us . This is the Intel Pentium M "Centrino" version plus 1 Gig of RAM and 60 Gig HD which was on promo $1,250 or P62,500.


The HTC TyTn (europe) or the Dopod 838 Pro (Asian w/ diff look) out of the box and order from http://www.phonesource-usa.com/ for $700 or P35,000 . The first Pocket PC phone to feature 3.5G HSDPA Connectivity to 3G or 3.5G networks.

Xmas Gadget Tree

I made this for a contest online. Was an entry to win a Battery Geek portable power station. This portable battery supplies power to most gadgets or even power hungry laptops for more than 9 hrs straight. Unfortunately, the contest was a random pick on who wins, not based on creativity.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Borat Movie - The 1st 4 Minutes
Borat/Ali G Out of Character

The creator of Borat and Ali G in actual life in an interview with John Stewart. one word, Surprising! see for yourself..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tesla - the missing secrets of Nikola Tesla

documentary phenomenon the missing secrets of Nikola Tesla

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Geeks Xmas Tree

Geeks Xmas Tree, originally uploaded by ChrisFong.

I entered into a contest which had me take all my mobile gadgets and picture them in one photo. The prize is a Portable power station that can power any gadget for up to 18 hrs. Unlimited power on the road!!! its worth more than $300. Wish me luck!

Here is a really good review on the Portable Battery with actual trials click here..

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tiger Sharks!

barely remember this one! Poootah!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Treo 750v

I'm waiting....
Treo 680

I like them colors..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Message From Chad and Steve

These guys are IN THE MONEY! $1.6 Billion

Friday, October 06, 2006

Got Gadgets? Get Hitch!

Funny how some obvious ideas/inventions like transferring songs/pics/files from one device to another without having to use a computer, take quite a while to be invented even if its relatively simple.

read more here...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

step by step - new kids on the block

step by step, oooh baby.. gotta get to you guurrrlll!
Starcom intro

Man these toys were great! they had magnets on their feets and vehicles.. better than the GI Joes which had stubs that would eventually breakoff
1980's Real Ghostbusters Cartoon End Credits

Man does this bring back memories! I can see myself now doin the streetdance..

I always hated this version of the ghostbusters! couldnt understand why they couldnt stick with the orginal one.
Spiral zone

Lets see if you guys can remember this one =)
Treo 750v

Yes! threaded SMS. A feature ive come to love to handle those hundreds of txts on your phones.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

YouTube + iPOD Video = Unlimited Viewing pleasure

I recently thought if it was possible to pull videos off from YouTube and onto my ipod video, I scoured the net and found this program.. iTube.

It lets you enter the URL of the YouTube video and will automatically download, convert and add it into iTunes. With the unlimited amount of material on YouTube these days its almost impossible not fill up your ipod with videos.

Download it here

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

LonelyGirl15, real or marketing ploy?

Out of the blue, a series of VLOG's (Video blogs) hit the #1 spot on the YouTube.com most watched list. A user called Lonelygirl15 posted video of herself talking into the cam bout mostly her life at home and her boyfriend. What really caught the audience was the clever editing and background music plus amusing antics or plain dumb stares into the cam by this stunning girl.
Clueless the movie pops into my mind.

At any rate, I began becomming suspicious bout the editing and the duration at which she was able to churn out clever material so fast and rise really quickly with almost 3 million views on her videos including a fan site in just 4 months! so here is the truth which finally came out in the NY times.

click here

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TMNT - Trailer

Theyre back and in full CGI effect! aweeessooommee! i do hope they have an IMAX 3D version that would be totally awesome!!! =)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Light-emitting shirts! Holy Crap!

Would you buy one of these? stick an Autobot insignia on it and Im there!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Inside the Actors Studio- Kevin Spacey

Man of many talents

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Growing up with the Transformers, a true geeks confession!

With all the hoopla circling the new "Live Action" Transformers Movie coming out next year, I couldnt help but relive my childhood memories of growing up with these amazing creations along side my lego box which also contained some mini transformers from time to time and would also accidentally spill out on occasion onto a shop's floor embarrasing my mom hehe..

Its nice too think that these creations have withstood the test of time, legends or timeless tales if you will that just wont die.. I could continue on and on about how these robots symbolize alot of things that ive experienced in my life, for one CHANGE.. but the topic of this post is more along the lines of growing up with them...

I clearly remember one moment in my childhood where it was both my most proudest and shameful moment all at once to be a transformer fan. I think i'll let the picture do the talking, cuz it simply speaks for itself! its one of those moments where you just have to appreciate mom's abilities at being creative and trying to make something she doesnt even understand look increadible! thanks mom! because of your unbelievable support and creativity we won a "playboy" magazine... believe it or not, thanks to the "organizing party of the corinthian gardens annual halloween trick or treat event". Of course it was confiscated from me =). Those were the days... note: its probably the first and last time you'll see optimus prime in tights and rubber shoes with matching BBQ in hand!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Transformers on MTV

New news on the movie once more!!! argh! the suspense!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sony Mylo

Coool! a portable mediaplayer, skype phone and yahoo messenger. Am gna pick one up on this trip to Japan if its worth it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

for you gym buffs! lets see you guys n gals beat this!

Friday, July 28, 2006

optimus prime will NOT be a firetruck in the movie!

here is news confirming that optimus prime will not be a firetruck but a huge semi! awesome!!!!
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime for TF movie 2007

They just keep on coming!

This is insane!!! a mini computer that does BOTH Full Windows XP AND Windows Mobile 5! Operating systems!

Click here for more info..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TransFormers Live movie teaser trailer


Friday, July 14, 2006

Yahoo and Microsoft team up! A Common Foe?

Looks like Yahoo and Microsoft have joined forces against a common foe!...Google.
Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger have not joined/integrated their IM communities, allowing people to add yahoo or msn contacts in each others networks! I wonder what Google's answer is gonna be to this!

for more info click here

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

keys me... OMG!

Sorry this isnt exactly tech news but...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sony UX50, My Precious!!!

Finally the long wait is over! my Sony UX50 Mini pc arrived a couple of days ago and it was worth the wait. Will post another review of it in action soon!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Intel Is back! Launching the new Core 2 Duo

WAIT guys! dont buy that new laptop cuz the newer ones sporting the Core 2 Duo processors are just around the corner!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bill Gates leaves Microsoft!

Looks like he finally threw in the towel! the guy who started it all finally gives back to humanity by leaving his company Microsoft and taking up a fulltime job with his wife in their Gates Foundation. He says "With great wealth come Great responsibility"! He will however be staying as chairman of microsoft. What a shock for the IT world this day is. Its humbling to know that even geeks have seen the light behind the monitor =)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Seth MacFarlane's Harvard Class Day Speech (1 of 4)
Fall Out Boy Video

My FAV band!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Waiting for my Sony UX50

I'll be soon having one of these babies in my own hands! the wait is on and im buying time with these videos of it.. click here

cant wait to hook this up via bluetooth to my sony ericsson k600 3G phone/modem to surf anywhere at dsl like speeds!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006

Transformers the Movie! for real!

Its here and alive! the website of my most awaited movie of my lifetime is finally up!


this is history for all TF fans!

the countdown begins!!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Picture710_06Jun06.jpg, originally uploaded by ChrisFong.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm in Freakn Love! Sony UX Series

A dream come true!
WindowsXP in the palm of your hand!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

3G use in the Philippines

Since my last post from the states, i've been back here in the Philippines and it looks like the 3G bandwagon has gone into full swing here.

I've so far acquired the following to take advantage of the new service from globe and smart. I will also comment services/signal from each telco.

Things i needed:

- A 3G cellphone (for my pda and laptop)
- A 3G pcmcia pc card (for my laptop only)
- prepaid sim card from smart and globe

For the 3G Cellphone, I ended up buying a cheap one, the Sony ericsson k600i. They say the unwarrantied one costs below P10,000. I was able to get one for P9,000+ with 1 year warranty. Since ive had the phone, its done everything ive wanted it to do. Specifically connect to 3G networks to surf the net over 3G (HSDPA,UMTS,GPRS) speeds via bluetooth from my laptop or pda. Overall this solution save me tons of money after almost falling for the dopod 900 (P65,000) or any of the highend phones (i.e. Nokia 3G phones, around P30k+) which is really a bad idea since they are all first generation 3G phones as well. I'd hold off for now and buy the better ones later on, especially since both telco's are still further improving their network. I wont go into details about the Sony ericsson k600i, the only thing you need to know is that its compatible with whatever you want to do on a 3G network for a cheap cheap price.
I couldnt stop raving about the features, its size and most of all its cost to everyone who asked me for a 3g phone recommendation.

So here's the deal, i was able to connect the k600i to my pda/laptop via bluetooth. When it came to choosing which telco to try out first, i tried smart since it has the greater coverage. On my pda it worked terrific after setting the dialup number "*99**1#". So now i have a connection to the internet at 3G high speed on my powerful Dell Axim x50v PDA, what now!?? Only one thing to do! watch the NBA 2006 Finals on it! yep, using the 3G speed over my 3G cellphone and unto my pda via bluetooth using my slingbox player for windows mobile. I was successful in watching the nba playoffs from my car every morning on way to work. I would loose 3G signal along edsa from time to time in areas where they havent installed 3G cellsites yet, but its just a matter of time.

Here's a comparison of the rates from smart and globe:


P10 for 30 mins.
- this means that once you start surfing, you need to use up the entire 30 mins to make it worth it. even if your email was just 2 mins to download, you still have 28 mins to use up or its gone. Power users will get more bang out of their buck since this type of plan isnt based on the size of data, instead based on time. So no matter if your watching video or talking over skype or listening to internet music, the rate will still be P10 for an entire 30 mins.


Unfortunately globe is alot stricter when it comes to internet access on their 3G network, as I understand it.. only corporate customers can avail of internet over gprs/3G access through their get-visibility.com deal. Their plans for 3G internet access are listed their ranging from P2000 unlimited access to P1700 per kb access)

List of wireless internet speeds: (from fastest to slowest)

hsdpa (3.5G fastest)
umts (3G)
gprs (slowest)

HSDPA cellphones are on their way out soon, right now only 3G handsets are out here locally. Ive bought a hsdpa/umts/edge/gprs pc card (Globetrotter by option) dedicated for my laptop and so far its been wireless internet nirvana!! finally i can keep all my media files on my home network and remotely play them all back from my laptop or car or office!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bench store in Serramonte Mall

Bench store in Serramonte Mall, originally uploaded by ChrisFong.

Kris Aquino in the window of a Bench store here in Serramonte mall in my

second home Pacifica, California. I've seen it all. This girl has got to be


Friday, April 14, 2006

Kite Boarding!

Kite Boarding!, originally uploaded by ChrisFong.

Finally caught some kite boarders in action out here in florida, the

epicenter of water sports! Wohooo!

Monday, April 10, 2006

An iPod Dispensing Machine

An iPod Dispensing Machine, originally uploaded by ChrisFong.

this is just unbelievable! I just deplaned in the airport and as I was

walking in the terminal I could have sworn seeing ipod's inside this

dispensing machine with all accessories and othe mp3 players as well!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006

Just landed in LA

Just landed in LA, originally uploaded by ChrisFong.

Am on my way to Augusta to see Tiger woods in the Masters after winning the

free ticket at raffle! Wohoo!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Friday, March 24, 2006

Watch your Cable programs on your laptop or cellphone!

Click this picture below to start playing the VIDEO clip:

The Slingbox allows you to watch your TV/Cable/Dvd's/VCR on your laptop (via wifi) or cellphone (GPRS,EVDO or EDGE). It does this by hooking up the slingbox to your home cable and to your internet connection, it then streams the channels onto the internet to feed your laptop or cellphone the content from anywhere in the world.

The short video will show you a demo, which was done in realtime over a EVDO wireless connection in the states onto a Treo cellphone running windows mobile 5.0

click here for more..

To see more on the Slingbox click here

An iPod/Cellphone!!??

Yes its true, based on the below article, read on:

"Ever thought that Apple would make a musical iPod / Phone gadget ?

Insiders at Taiwanese phone maker BenQ say that Apple procurement executives have been talking to various Taiwanese phone makers during the past few months in an effort to cut a manufacturing deal on an iPod Phone. “An iPod phone is definitely coming,” according to BenQ executive. They claimed that several suppliers have been approached to manufacture parts. J.P Morgan believes Apple will introduce the phone by the fourth quarter of this year. As you may have noticed, the iphone.org site is now pointed to apple.com." - From, The Gadget Blog

for more info click on these two links from The Gadget Blog and Pocket-Lint

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is Gadget Obsession or Multi-Tasking Bad?

In a Recent cover story on Time Magazine, an article reads that the current youth may be losing their focus and "quality" and spending more time on "quantity" on doing more with less focus in whatever task they may be doing. It blames the pervasive electronics and gadgetry that make kids "so wired up" or "so connected" anytime and anywhere now a days that pull their attention away from doing one thing at a time and with great focus. Although, this may be good in a way because they get alot of things done at the same time, it still is a concern in terms of family time spent in the household and general time/life management.

My personal take on this is basically ones self-conciousness. At the very least if one chooses to continue a lifestyle, one must "atleast be aware" of whats happening to him or her, thats the first step. Next is he or she still choses to do so then that is their choice, but atleast it was a choice and not a natural take over by their surroudings without their comprehension of whats going on with their selves.

Click here to read the original article...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DJ Days! Behold the Mp3 Revo!

Vinyl Records then CD's now MP3's!! the old "crate carrying days" of the DJ are now being replaced by the high tech world with MP3 files. It even boasts that you can "scratch" an Mp3 as if it were a normal vinyl record against the needle!

Click Here for more..

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Windows XP running on a Mac!

Look like they've done it! After raising an award of $13,000+ on the net, someone has found a way to make windows xp and max os X run on Mac hardware specifically on a mac mini with an intel core solo processor. This video (itunes required) shows evidence of windows running quite smoothly with small exceptions of driver issues on display and network cards. It wont be long now!! =)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Samsung's version of "Origami", the Q1

With Microsofts unveiling of the newest form factor for windows then called "Origami" now called the "UltraMobilePC" or "UMPC". Samsung and Asus are one of the first to take a crack at releasing the very first prototypes to soon hit the market. You can be sure ill be getting my hands on one right away!

click here for more shots and info..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Buying a new laptop? here's some considerations..

Am currently eyeing on a new laptop, and if you wana know what are the things im currently looking for in one, here they are: (in no particular order)

1.) Intel Dual Core processor
- latest chip from intel which is actually two processors in one, made for more multitasking and load sharing across processors. makes for faster performance and boot times.

2.) Weight max 6 lbs.
- will be using this as both my personal and business laptop so must be portable. So it must be a desktop replacement at heart but lightweight in body.

3.) atleast 256mb Graphics Card
- three words! GAMING, GAMING and GAMING. also required for the next version of windows.

4.) atleast 1 gig RAM Memory
- can never have enough, normally when your laptop doesnt have enough RAM memory, it starts using your hard drive as a temporary place to process which leads to slower performance.

5.) atleast 100 Gig Hard Drive
- can never have enough, i like ripping dvd and converting them into formats for my psp, ipod video and archos av500 players. so ill definitely need the space for conversion purposes. aside from my office files needs as well.

6.) Wifi preferably 802.11G
- connectivity reigns, i cant see the purpose of a laptop with this!

7.) DVD-RW writer
- need this to free up space from my hard drive by moving/archiving old files i dont use anymore to large capacity DVD discs.

8.) atleast 3 hrs batt life (with wifi on)
- a 9-cell battery is capable of atleast 3 hrs batt life. this should be standard by now.

9.) Certified compatible with next version of windows, namely Windows Vista (coming out late this year 2006)
- the next release of windows is right around the corner and im really looking forward to the new feature which makes windows look more like a mac gui interface. its called "Aero glass" and one requirement is a good graphics/video card.

so far the Acer TravelMate 8200 has been the best that measures closest to my criteria. Will most likely end up with it on my trip to the US this april.

CD to iPod Converter

Well, at least it aint vaporware! a taiwan company called Zettabyte has finally come out with a prototype of a cd reader/player that will read any music cd and tranfer all songs onto your ipod via usb without need for a computer. Hmm... I wonder if they will come out with a video version that rips DVD to my ipod video, now that would be awesome!!!

click here for more info..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Windows for all seasons!

Ever wonder how many "Form Factors" Microsoft has made over the years?
(I've been fortunate enough to have atleast owned and experienced every one of these historical devices.)

Portable Media Center
- use: to bring your music and videos wherever you go.

- use: built to be a cellphone first then a semi pda.

Pocket PC Mobile
- use: built to be a pda first then a cellphone second.

Tablet PC
- use: initially built as an input device via pen for doctors to hold on their arms while walking. Screen swivels and folds to hide keyboard.

Desktop PC
- use: First ever form factor used as we know it.

- use: Second form factor created for the "on the go" user.

Pocket PC
- use: First ever "pocketable" PC

Media Center PC
- use: First ever PC meant to be in your "Living Room" and connected to a plasma screen or TV, controlled via remote.

- use: First ever game console from Microsoft.

UltraMobile PC (UMPC) aka "Origami"
- use: A smaller Tablet PC, finally getting the tablet pc down to a size more portable. The screen is now a touchscreen which doesnt require a pen.