Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Windows for all seasons!

Ever wonder how many "Form Factors" Microsoft has made over the years?
(I've been fortunate enough to have atleast owned and experienced every one of these historical devices.)

Portable Media Center
- use: to bring your music and videos wherever you go.

- use: built to be a cellphone first then a semi pda.

Pocket PC Mobile
- use: built to be a pda first then a cellphone second.

Tablet PC
- use: initially built as an input device via pen for doctors to hold on their arms while walking. Screen swivels and folds to hide keyboard.

Desktop PC
- use: First ever form factor used as we know it.

- use: Second form factor created for the "on the go" user.

Pocket PC
- use: First ever "pocketable" PC

Media Center PC
- use: First ever PC meant to be in your "Living Room" and connected to a plasma screen or TV, controlled via remote.

- use: First ever game console from Microsoft.

UltraMobile PC (UMPC) aka "Origami"
- use: A smaller Tablet PC, finally getting the tablet pc down to a size more portable. The screen is now a touchscreen which doesnt require a pen.

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