Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is Gadget Obsession or Multi-Tasking Bad?

In a Recent cover story on Time Magazine, an article reads that the current youth may be losing their focus and "quality" and spending more time on "quantity" on doing more with less focus in whatever task they may be doing. It blames the pervasive electronics and gadgetry that make kids "so wired up" or "so connected" anytime and anywhere now a days that pull their attention away from doing one thing at a time and with great focus. Although, this may be good in a way because they get alot of things done at the same time, it still is a concern in terms of family time spent in the household and general time/life management.

My personal take on this is basically ones self-conciousness. At the very least if one chooses to continue a lifestyle, one must "atleast be aware" of whats happening to him or her, thats the first step. Next is he or she still choses to do so then that is their choice, but atleast it was a choice and not a natural take over by their surroudings without their comprehension of whats going on with their selves.

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