Sunday, January 29, 2006

Superman Score, A Blast from the Past!

For anyone who's seen the first few movies of Superman, seeing the new trailer of the upcoming summer movie "Superman Returns" just sends chills down my spine hearing the same old soundtrack/score from those old movies!

This is definitely on my list for 2006! DUDE! its SUPERMAN!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Its That Simple!

Ever wonder why you still need a computer to transfer music to your ipod? why not just transfer music from your cd player directly into your ipod? its amazing how we get "used to" what is out there and forget obvious and simple ideas on how to go about this simple task without going through the "hard way", DUH!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Is Disney loosing it? Another win for the Geek?

In recent news, rumors have been circulating bout Disney's loosing confidence in their upcoming animated films. The latest one, Chicken little (from Disney) couldnt even match the sales that 'A bugs life' (Pixar) made. Apple (Jobs) owned Pixar is sitting pretty now amid talks of a merger by Disney on Pixar. This would make the 2nd biggest geek JOBS, one of the biggest board members in Disney. This is in large part due to Disney lack of sight into the CG (Computer Generated) era in animation, which obviously Pixar has now owned.

Wont be long now before we start seeing Disney flicks being sold in the iTunes store.

Click here for more info.

"Cars" may be the last movie that Pixar will be using Disney as distributor.

Go JOBS Go!! Argh, me Mate'y! What'll he do next!? If you're interested in Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) I highly recommend the book 'iCon:Second Coming of Steve Jobs' Click here for a link to the book. I got both book and audio book versions.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A new Palm made Treo, with Windows?

Palm (the hardware phone making unit) has begun selling a Treo that used to run Palm OS, which now runs Windows Mobile 5.0. Its a big dent in the history of treo's.

A new Palm maxe Treo

New iBook, whats all the fuss?

Well, its finally got an INTEL made processor! but not just any processor i.e. pentium,pentium ii,pentium iii, pentium 4 or pentium M (centrino). Its using the newest DUAL core processor.

Here's a historic ad from apple on the revolutionary new "Intel inside" Macs,
Click here to watch the ad

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC

Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Archos AV500

Archos AV500, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

IPod 30 gig Video

IPod 30 gig Video, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Primary Reason for Buying:

- To watch video podcasts in the gym and car.
- The fact that Jobs has got the US TV Networks knocking on his door wanting to sell their material on the iTunes store! Revolutionary! Geeks shall Rule!! hehehe..


- Form factor and design! (what can i say, typical Jobs!)


- Battery life is disappointing with only an 1 hour to last. See my Archos AV500 review if you want a portable media player that lasts over 3 hours.

-I'll say it now and always, I hate the apple menu navigation.

Itech bluetooth transmitter and receiver part 2


X-Drive, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

This by far THE BEST portable "laptop" Hard Disk enclosure i have come across!!!

Primary Reasons for buying:

- It uses any 2.5" hard disk in the market

Personal Applications:

- Transferring media (video,pics, music and any data file) from any memory stick (ms/msduo/sd/xd/cf/sm/mmc cards) using the built-in card reader on the side of the device. Transfers are quick and very easy with a built-in software that allows a windows "file explorer" like experience, copy and paste (both ways, from player to stick and stick to player).

- This is not your normal usb 2.0 hard drive enclosure because it has a built-in screen that makes it double as a portable media player which plays the following files you may have on the hard drive: mp3,mp4,divx,jpg,dat,wma,wav,tiff,bmp,RAW.
you can even slideshow the pics with background music

- Its got a remote control and TV output so you can sit back on a couch and plug this thing to the TV to act as a dvd player for all the downloaded files you've placed on the thing.

- Loaded it with 100 gig 2.5" laptop hard drive, its currently my personal picture repository and at times doubles as my portable movie/music player after my Archos AV500.

Click here for more info.

Portable Power! 4000 mah battery

Portable Power! 4000 mah battery, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Hours and hours of portable fun with this never ending supply of portable power! with the multitude of mobile gadgets in my possession its almost impossible to enjoy them for longer than 3 hrs, either if im in the gym treadmill or on a long ass plane trip. With this little powerpacked battery however im able to enjoy hours of movies and tv shows to the limit!

Packed with 4000 mah of power, ive never reached a time where it ran out of juice! I've been using it to power almost every item i have! some facts and figures:

1.) Its got a USB port to power any device that needs a USB port for power or charging

2.) Its also got a number of AC Head adapters to emulate any typical power adapter that may have come with your psp,iPod,cellphone or portable media player.

3.) Its got a "battery/power left" indicator to show how much "juice" there still is in it.

4.) Charging time for this thing is 3 hrs.

5.) Form factor is extermely thin that it fits perfectly in any small bag.

6.) $99 US dollars

for more info: click on this for the link

ITech Bluetooth receiver and transmitter

Got this gadget in HK for 300 hk dollars each, roughly 2k pesos each. Basically it enables any audio source (i.e. iPod, cdplayer, dvdplayer or any device that has a earphone output to it) to become wireless. What's the diff between this and other wireless enabling devices like the iTrip of the iPod or any other "transmitter" is that fact that it uses Bluetooth instead of FM frequencies.

I'm sure those iTrip users or anyone who has bought somekind of FM transmitter who had wished that it would produce "stereo" quality sound from their iPod to their car stereo would be pissed to find out that all they get it "annoying static" that comes thru the car speakers! Thanks to local NTC/FCC there is to some degree no control over who is broadcasting in certain areas which is why you guys are getting so much 'interferance' from other radio stations.

So far testing this thing out has won me over on 4 counts:

1.) I've used it with my bluetooth phone with excellent mic thoughput from the transmitting end.

2.) I've used it at quite a distance from each other and am happy to say that not a single station interrupted my listening pleasure at any point whether i was travelling in my car or just at home.

3.) Using it paired with my bluetooth phone and source transmitter at the same time wasnt really flawless but worked most of the time, so when i was listening to my ipod with the bluetooth transmitter broadcasting to my car stereo and someone would ring my phone, the bluetooth receiver would automatically route the car speakers to answering my call then switch back to my ipod after the call was done.

4.) Both devices Lasts 7 hours straight!

Sony N-1 8.1 Megapix

Sony N-1 8.1 Megapix, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Primary Reason for Buying:

- Big Discount! effectively got it for 25k pesos in Japan when it just came out.
Saw it locally selling for 33k or higher AT THE TIME! maybe cheaper now.

- 1st device that's got a 3 inch display screen (get this->Touchscreen enabled!) Figured people now a days dont just take pics with digicams, more than not, more time is spent viewing them on the digicam than taking!


- Slideshow/Picture playback is unbelievable! this thing was really made for viewing pictures and enjoying it with friends. Most of the time what happens after you take a picture with a digicam your friends/family want to see the picture (i.e. girls/guys who love zoooming into their own face to check how they look, to ask for a second shot). So I figured this digicam would be good as a way to view pictures because of the large screen.

- Sony MS DUO stick prices are tumbling down because of the PSP's success. Sandisk is also now producing MS sticks! got my Sandisk 1 Gig DUO stick at $70 in Summer 2005


- There are alot more digicams out there that have better quality photos especially at the 8.1 Megapixel range that this has. Like I mentioned, just loved the touchscreen and its size 3"! am a sucker for 1st gen products with revolutionary features such as this. Picture viewing was a major reason why i got this not really the quality of its picture taking. I'm happy with it because of that!

Mediagate hdd and network player

Mediagate hdd and network player, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Found this in HK, hard to find as only 2 stores had it in very hard to find places within Wan Chai and Sam Shui Po computer centers. Its made in Korea.

Single Primary reason for buying:

- Its got a NETWORK Port, if you've read my previous posts i did a review on my NAS (Network attached storage) where my brothers and I keep all our media files kept on a single disk for sharing. Well, what you do is plug this thingy into the network, in any room that may have a network port in the wall and connect a TV to it, it then instantly see's all the computers on the network that is sharing folders filled with media files,in my case it see's the NAS box and navigates/plays all the movies,tv shows,mp3 music and slideshows all the pics we have on it, mind you "real-time" without having to transfer any files anywhere.

Personal Application:

- Playback of video,music and pic files from any "network enabled" room in the house straight from the NAS without having to transfer any files to the device. "Real-time" streaming from the file server.

Click here for more info.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cool cafe

Cool cafe, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Cool cafe daw!