Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mediagate hdd and network player

Mediagate hdd and network player, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Found this in HK, hard to find as only 2 stores had it in very hard to find places within Wan Chai and Sam Shui Po computer centers. Its made in Korea.

Single Primary reason for buying:

- Its got a NETWORK Port, if you've read my previous posts i did a review on my NAS (Network attached storage) where my brothers and I keep all our media files kept on a single disk for sharing. Well, what you do is plug this thingy into the network, in any room that may have a network port in the wall and connect a TV to it, it then instantly see's all the computers on the network that is sharing folders filled with media files,in my case it see's the NAS box and navigates/plays all the movies,tv shows,mp3 music and slideshows all the pics we have on it, mind you "real-time" without having to transfer any files anywhere.

Personal Application:

- Playback of video,music and pic files from any "network enabled" room in the house straight from the NAS without having to transfer any files to the device. "Real-time" streaming from the file server.

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