Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sony N-1 8.1 Megapix

Sony N-1 8.1 Megapix, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Primary Reason for Buying:

- Big Discount! effectively got it for 25k pesos in Japan when it just came out.
Saw it locally selling for 33k or higher AT THE TIME! maybe cheaper now.

- 1st device that's got a 3 inch display screen (get this->Touchscreen enabled!) Figured people now a days dont just take pics with digicams, more than not, more time is spent viewing them on the digicam than taking!


- Slideshow/Picture playback is unbelievable! this thing was really made for viewing pictures and enjoying it with friends. Most of the time what happens after you take a picture with a digicam your friends/family want to see the picture (i.e. girls/guys who love zoooming into their own face to check how they look, to ask for a second shot). So I figured this digicam would be good as a way to view pictures because of the large screen.

- Sony MS DUO stick prices are tumbling down because of the PSP's success. Sandisk is also now producing MS sticks! got my Sandisk 1 Gig DUO stick at $70 in Summer 2005


- There are alot more digicams out there that have better quality photos especially at the 8.1 Megapixel range that this has. Like I mentioned, just loved the touchscreen and its size 3"! am a sucker for 1st gen products with revolutionary features such as this. Picture viewing was a major reason why i got this not really the quality of its picture taking. I'm happy with it because of that!

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