Tuesday, January 17, 2006


X-Drive, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

This by far THE BEST portable "laptop" Hard Disk enclosure i have come across!!!

Primary Reasons for buying:

- It uses any 2.5" hard disk in the market

Personal Applications:

- Transferring media (video,pics, music and any data file) from any memory stick (ms/msduo/sd/xd/cf/sm/mmc cards) using the built-in card reader on the side of the device. Transfers are quick and very easy with a built-in software that allows a windows "file explorer" like experience, copy and paste (both ways, from player to stick and stick to player).

- This is not your normal usb 2.0 hard drive enclosure because it has a built-in screen that makes it double as a portable media player which plays the following files you may have on the hard drive: mp3,mp4,divx,jpg,dat,wma,wav,tiff,bmp,RAW.
you can even slideshow the pics with background music

- Its got a remote control and TV output so you can sit back on a couch and plug this thing to the TV to act as a dvd player for all the downloaded files you've placed on the thing.

- Loaded it with 100 gig 2.5" laptop hard drive, its currently my personal picture repository and at times doubles as my portable movie/music player after my Archos AV500.

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