Sunday, January 22, 2006

Is Disney loosing it? Another win for the Geek?

In recent news, rumors have been circulating bout Disney's loosing confidence in their upcoming animated films. The latest one, Chicken little (from Disney) couldnt even match the sales that 'A bugs life' (Pixar) made. Apple (Jobs) owned Pixar is sitting pretty now amid talks of a merger by Disney on Pixar. This would make the 2nd biggest geek JOBS, one of the biggest board members in Disney. This is in large part due to Disney lack of sight into the CG (Computer Generated) era in animation, which obviously Pixar has now owned.

Wont be long now before we start seeing Disney flicks being sold in the iTunes store.

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"Cars" may be the last movie that Pixar will be using Disney as distributor.

Go JOBS Go!! Argh, me Mate'y! What'll he do next!? If you're interested in Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) I highly recommend the book 'iCon:Second Coming of Steve Jobs' Click here for a link to the book. I got both book and audio book versions.

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