Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Portable Power! 4000 mah battery

Portable Power! 4000 mah battery, originally uploaded by mj88svi.

Hours and hours of portable fun with this never ending supply of portable power! with the multitude of mobile gadgets in my possession its almost impossible to enjoy them for longer than 3 hrs, either if im in the gym treadmill or on a long ass plane trip. With this little powerpacked battery however im able to enjoy hours of movies and tv shows to the limit!

Packed with 4000 mah of power, ive never reached a time where it ran out of juice! I've been using it to power almost every item i have! some facts and figures:

1.) Its got a USB port to power any device that needs a USB port for power or charging

2.) Its also got a number of AC Head adapters to emulate any typical power adapter that may have come with your psp,iPod,cellphone or portable media player.

3.) Its got a "battery/power left" indicator to show how much "juice" there still is in it.

4.) Charging time for this thing is 3 hrs.

5.) Form factor is extermely thin that it fits perfectly in any small bag.

6.) $99 US dollars

for more info: click on this for the link

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