Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ITech Bluetooth receiver and transmitter

Got this gadget in HK for 300 hk dollars each, roughly 2k pesos each. Basically it enables any audio source (i.e. iPod, cdplayer, dvdplayer or any device that has a earphone output to it) to become wireless. What's the diff between this and other wireless enabling devices like the iTrip of the iPod or any other "transmitter" is that fact that it uses Bluetooth instead of FM frequencies.

I'm sure those iTrip users or anyone who has bought somekind of FM transmitter who had wished that it would produce "stereo" quality sound from their iPod to their car stereo would be pissed to find out that all they get it "annoying static" that comes thru the car speakers! Thanks to local NTC/FCC there is to some degree no control over who is broadcasting in certain areas which is why you guys are getting so much 'interferance' from other radio stations.

So far testing this thing out has won me over on 4 counts:

1.) I've used it with my bluetooth phone with excellent mic thoughput from the transmitting end.

2.) I've used it at quite a distance from each other and am happy to say that not a single station interrupted my listening pleasure at any point whether i was travelling in my car or just at home.

3.) Using it paired with my bluetooth phone and source transmitter at the same time wasnt really flawless but worked most of the time, so when i was listening to my ipod with the bluetooth transmitter broadcasting to my car stereo and someone would ring my phone, the bluetooth receiver would automatically route the car speakers to answering my call then switch back to my ipod after the call was done.

4.) Both devices Lasts 7 hours straight!

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