Thursday, March 16, 2006

Buying a new laptop? here's some considerations..

Am currently eyeing on a new laptop, and if you wana know what are the things im currently looking for in one, here they are: (in no particular order)

1.) Intel Dual Core processor
- latest chip from intel which is actually two processors in one, made for more multitasking and load sharing across processors. makes for faster performance and boot times.

2.) Weight max 6 lbs.
- will be using this as both my personal and business laptop so must be portable. So it must be a desktop replacement at heart but lightweight in body.

3.) atleast 256mb Graphics Card
- three words! GAMING, GAMING and GAMING. also required for the next version of windows.

4.) atleast 1 gig RAM Memory
- can never have enough, normally when your laptop doesnt have enough RAM memory, it starts using your hard drive as a temporary place to process which leads to slower performance.

5.) atleast 100 Gig Hard Drive
- can never have enough, i like ripping dvd and converting them into formats for my psp, ipod video and archos av500 players. so ill definitely need the space for conversion purposes. aside from my office files needs as well.

6.) Wifi preferably 802.11G
- connectivity reigns, i cant see the purpose of a laptop with this!

7.) DVD-RW writer
- need this to free up space from my hard drive by moving/archiving old files i dont use anymore to large capacity DVD discs.

8.) atleast 3 hrs batt life (with wifi on)
- a 9-cell battery is capable of atleast 3 hrs batt life. this should be standard by now.

9.) Certified compatible with next version of windows, namely Windows Vista (coming out late this year 2006)
- the next release of windows is right around the corner and im really looking forward to the new feature which makes windows look more like a mac gui interface. its called "Aero glass" and one requirement is a good graphics/video card.

so far the Acer TravelMate 8200 has been the best that measures closest to my criteria. Will most likely end up with it on my trip to the US this april.

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