Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Growing up with the Transformers, a true geeks confession!

With all the hoopla circling the new "Live Action" Transformers Movie coming out next year, I couldnt help but relive my childhood memories of growing up with these amazing creations along side my lego box which also contained some mini transformers from time to time and would also accidentally spill out on occasion onto a shop's floor embarrasing my mom hehe..

Its nice too think that these creations have withstood the test of time, legends or timeless tales if you will that just wont die.. I could continue on and on about how these robots symbolize alot of things that ive experienced in my life, for one CHANGE.. but the topic of this post is more along the lines of growing up with them...

I clearly remember one moment in my childhood where it was both my most proudest and shameful moment all at once to be a transformer fan. I think i'll let the picture do the talking, cuz it simply speaks for itself! its one of those moments where you just have to appreciate mom's abilities at being creative and trying to make something she doesnt even understand look increadible! thanks mom! because of your unbelievable support and creativity we won a "playboy" magazine... believe it or not, thanks to the "organizing party of the corinthian gardens annual halloween trick or treat event". Of course it was confiscated from me =). Those were the days... note: its probably the first and last time you'll see optimus prime in tights and rubber shoes with matching BBQ in hand!!


marc said...

i remember that costume! That was the most awesome costume evah! I'll never forget it.

canDIshhh said...

i have got to hand it to your mom.. GALING AH!!:) i still can't believe you posted the picture where ANYONE and EVERYONE can access it!! Hahaha.. :)