Thursday, September 22, 2005


Have you watched "Day after Tomorrow"? well I am living it right now! It is literally panic mode here in Houston right now, I just came from a business conferene in Dallas,TX and was supposed to visit relatives here but just to find out that a killer/monster/colossal storm is heading this way in 2 days. Right now the following things are happening as i'm typing this:

- Cell networks are jammed, no one can make cellphone calls
- highways are packed with cars, some almost stuck for 6 hrs
- Gas stations are out of gas
- all exits out of highways are blocked by police, so ppl will get out and not get back into the cities.
- all hotels are booked in the whole TEXAS state, good thing i was able to get a room. the last in fact.
- all plane tickets out of houston to anywhere is selling out fast!!! i was in line to get a ticket and the ticekt counters were flooding with people. It was scary to think that i may not be able to get a ticket myself. Thank god i was able to secure one to san diego for tom early morning, i didnt care where i was going, as long i got out of here! I cant sleep right now with all the news thats going on TV.
- people are boarding their houses with wood to secure the windows.

Right now im just soo thankful for being able to secure a flight out tom morning and a hotel room to stay in tonite. I really feel bad for everyone on the highways who have been stuck for hours with their kids and no place to go! Even worse for the people who just evacuated new orleans after the damage done there by the storm "katrina", they came here to houston and now they have to evacuate again because Houston in now the target.. geez..

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marc said...

jeez dude, take care.