Thursday, September 08, 2005

Share your Video,Photos and Music without having to upload!

I was completely blown away with this new discovery! Another great find!
If you're like me and have the following:

- A DSL account
- A computer that's ON and connected to the internet all day
- a TON of videos, music and photo files

then i strongly urge you to make ur investments worth while by getting this FREE service:


What is ORB? well unlike other file sharing programs or website's like yahoo photo or friendster which require you to upload all your photo's to their site. ORB is the reverse, what it does is brings everyone to your media through their website.
If you've got media files on your PC, ORB will search them and share them directly from your PC. Dont worry about security as you can control which files specifically you wana share.

Whats even better is that you can access your content from any device! the orb servers detect what type of internet connection you are on and automatically determines what the best size of file to deliver to your device.

So if you've got 1 mb photo files or a 600mb video file in your house and you wanna watch them on your WIFI laptop or PDA in your office or abroad, ORB is the answer!
I've tried it and as i said, BLOWN AWAY BABY! the video is smooooooth!

All my pictures and music are also shared and play as if it was on my own hard drive. My pictures are now shared with relatives local and abroad. and now with all the Phone/PDA combos coming out like the xda 2s and xda 2i that have wifi, its a joy to have wifi signals in areas outside the house. CSI,LOST,24 and Family guy comes with me where ever I may roam!

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