Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nokia N95 in the House!

Got me a Nokia N95 after having sold my current phone the Treo 680 and Dopod 838 Pro.
Was quite fortunate that this was the only remaining stock left as I got it today. Wasnt really
thinking they would even have any in stock yet, especially this holy week (no deliveries).

At any rate, its turning out to be a very very excellent choice given everything thats packed into it! have tried out the 5.0 Megapix camera, GPS Locator, 3G Video Streaming, Wifi, TV-out, Watching Youtube, posting pics to Flickr.. does almost everything i need to do on the Net. Oh! and it makes phone calls too! =P


azrael said...

astig nyan pre!

dito n70 lang kame..pero mas astig pa pala yan

Rissa said...

i wanted the n90 series since it came out. but i haven't read much raving reviews about it yet..