Friday, May 25, 2007

Speed up your Web Browsing! using OpenDNS

This is one way to speed up websites. Let me briefly explain how we are gonna do it:

All websites sit on computers called "servers", your computer/web browser connects to these "servers" by using an "Internet Service Provider (ISP)" like PLDT DSL, Globe broadband or Bayantel. What connects or allows your computer/webbrowser to find the right server that holds the website you would like to visit lies in a global directory called a DNS (Domain Name Service), sort of like a global telephone book of all the (IP/domain name) website addresses (i.e. www.google.com) in the world. Maintaining the look up of this directory are tons of "DNS Servers" around the world! Your ISP is usually the one who issues you the DNS server to connect to, usually their own DNS server locally.

One solution to quickly resolve domain names to their hosted servers is to use the quicker DNS Servers of OpenDNS.com click on the link how you can do this on your computer. Believe me its really simple to set! ENJOY!!

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davidu said...

Woo hoo. Thanks for the nice writeup. :-) Let us know what else we can do for you.