Friday, June 29, 2007

Transformers Opening day!

Got to watch my ultimate childhood heroes on the big screen last night at greenbelt! I arrived late however coming from work, but arrived just in time for the best parts =)
(am watching it atleast 3 times, so....)

Overall, here are some of "my" opinions regarding the movie:

- Total Robot bashing throughout the movie
- Popular optimus line inserts from the animated series (i.e. autobots roll out, one shall stand and one shall fall)

- Hearing Optimus speak with the original voice behind (Peter Cullen) was simply nostalgic!
- Sit far back in the cinema, since most camera angles are close ups of the fight scenes, you will get lost in the battles.
- since the movie was made for prime time audience than dedicated fans, the ending wasnt too appealing to true tf fans. parang bitin! you'll get what i mean.. no spoilers here =)
- hard to identify who is who during the battle scenes, especially since the action cuts were quite fast, they could have shown more of the autobot and decepticon logos to identify.
- overall, i think i had higher expectations on adaptations brought over from the old series but it really was made for hollywood so cant argue with that! but just having Peter Cullen speaking for Optimus did it for me!

Am hoping for a Part II of the movie since hints of it were apparent.. i think.. i hope.. i will it!

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