Friday, November 23, 2007

Asus Eee Laptop: laptop cheaper than a cellphone

Its finally happened! the day when laptops are just as cheap as cellphones. Asus has done it with their Eee PC Series laptop costing only 18k pesos. i was able to snatch one right away when i learned of its release here in the philippines. prices have gone up since then (http://www.complink.com.ph)

its currently what im using to post this article, together with a usb 3G modem which lets me access the net. what makes this laptop so cheap is its specs:

- intel celeron cpu
- 512 ram
- 7 inch screen
- 4 gig hard drive (using new flash technology, meaning quicker, energy efficient and no moving parts)
- Linux operating system (windows xp is optional and supported)

although the specs may not be at par with most laptops today, its quite surprisingly functional and fast! and this is also despite my installing windows xp instead of sticking with the default linux os.

am excited to see how the computer market will shake up after this breakthrough product will make some waves in terms of pricing and form factor. You can bet others will be coming out with products similar to this soon in order not to be left behind! or are they already?

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