Saturday, August 27, 2005

Internet on your MobilePhone!

In case you've been using your high tech/expensive cellphone for just txting all this time, you havent been using it to its full potential. Let me help you by demistifying some of the jargons found on your phone menu:

1.) GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) a.k.a "Internet Connection"
- This is the technology/feature on your cellphone that allow it to connect
to the internet. A couple of things you should know in advance though:
- You will need to activate/configure your gprs with globe/smart
the configuration varies per phone. Let me know if you need help
- You will be charged .25 centavos per Kilobyte (this means that
you can stay online the whole day as long as you dont have any
data/kb being used.)
- This type of internet connection method is a whole lot slower
than even dialup internet(56k). Its only used for "Mobile
content" or WAP (Wireless applications).
Basically if you're going to do anything on the internet from your cellphone,
you need to connect to the internet via your gprs first. Now once your phone
is connected, what next? WAP! read on!

2.) WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) a.k.a "Web Browser" i.e. Internet explorer
- Once you've connected to the internet via gprs, WAP is the
technology/feature on your cellphone that allows you to browse
the internet thru your mobile phone. Dont expect however to be seeing
nice and colorful webpages like you do on your laptop. WAP is a browser
that displays "WAP designed webpages", basically "WAP designed webpages" are
mini versions of your regular webpages. Obviously because the screen sizes
on your mobile phones are alot smaller than a laptop screen.Duh! x2

Some of my Favorite and most useful WAP pages on my mobile phone(TREO 600):

For Searching:
- Mobile Google: http://www.google.com/xhtml
- I mainly use this link to search for pictures on the internet in case
I want to change my phones wallpaper or just look for an item pic

For Emailing:
- Mobile Yahoo: http://wap.oa.yahoo.com
- This is a frequent site i use to check my yahoo mail from my cellphone.
dont expect however to see pics on the emails you receive or be able
to attach files. This only shows you all your email and the body
content. you will also find a link on this site that will allow you
to connect to your yahoo instant messenger to chat with friends, dont
expect much though =)

- Mobile MSN: http://mobile.msn.com
- This is the same as the yahoo site, just microsoft's version of it.
You can email and check your hotmail account from here.

- Mobile Gmail: http://wap.gmailwireless.com
- This is a site that allows you to check your Gmail from your phone.
You will have to register to the webpage first however by going to

For Movie Scheds:
- Click the city: http://wap.clickthecity.com
- This wap site has all the movie schedules of all the cinema's in the
philippines! it updated everyday and very handy when you wanna
quickly check the movie times while you on the road and rushing! =)

3.) Bluetooth (A wireless way to connect to other accessories NEAR BY the phone)

- Bluetooth is just a wireless connection to accessories, such as a bluetooth headset that is near by the phone. Bluetooth has a limited distance/range so your headset can be that far from the phone in order to receive a call. It can be used to connected to other devices like a laptop (to transfer pics,files or music) and to other bluetooth phones to do the same thing as well.

These are the basic features that most phone should have by now, and chances are you're phone is already capable of this. So take advantage of those features and put your expensive phone to work! I'll be writing an article soon on the different "Operating Systems" of cellphone, these basically are the software that makes your phone "turn on" and show you the menu's and function of the phone, without this your phone has no "soul". Some OS (Operating systems) have advantages than others, like added programs (games,mp3 players,video players) you can install which is why i wanna write about it. So watch out for that!

Hope this was helpful and happy surfing on your mobile phone! Its a whole new way of wasting time away during those long waits! for whatever..

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