Sunday, August 21, 2005

RSS and PodCasting the newspapers of this Generation!

I've recently added these two technologies into my lifestyle, given that there are now lots of sites supporting these new protocols, I reckon why not give it a shot. These two technologies are aiding a piece of technology that we have today, called "the newspaper". A piece of paper that has different tidbits of news from different sources, all strung up into one page or pages under one printer like Inquirer or Philippine Star.

RSS and Podcasts are exactly like that! all they are, are tidbits of news/updates from different websites all strung up into one website so you dont have to go to multiple website to view the stories or info.

FOR RSS (Rich Site Summary):

One such site that does this now is "My Yahoo" (http://my.yahoo.com/). If you're favorite website supports "streaming RSS feeds" and the website should tell you that it does somewhere on the site, then all you need to do now is create an account with an RSS "aggregator/consolidator" like "My Yahoo" to collect that piece of news from your favorite website. What you end up with, is all your favorite tidbits of news on one "my yahoo" page, so instead of going to different website, you've got all your news in one page. In other words, all the news now comes to you! and in the way you want it to look as well! What's best about using "My Yahoo" as well is that its accessable via mobile WAP browsers, so I'm able to also view my "consolidated" news page from my phone anytime and anywhere!

For more info on My Yahoo and RSS click here

FOR PodCasting:

Podcasting is just RSS in Audio form! so rather than reading all the different news in one site, you get to listen to the news in an audio/mp3 format. Depending on whether the website will have a radio show or "Pod Cast" (and again you'll know if the website states that it has a podcast somewhere on the page) then you will be able to again bring it onto a "consolidator" page like the one I use, Pod Nova (http://www.podnova.com/index_for_listeners.srf).
Podcasting is great cuz its fresh of the press content! I listen to my podcasts in the gym, so rather than just listening to the plain old mp3 audio files, I get to listen to news mp3 files which are updated everyday. Most podcasts now however are tech related, since it was the same geeks who started it. However, sites like CNN.com now support podcasts as well (http://www.podnova.com/index_podnova_station.srf?url=http://www.cnn.com/services/podcasting/all/rss.xml&fkg=)

So get on the bandwagon and start reading/listening into whats new everyday! see how RSS and podcasting will bring new streams of data/new to you everyday! I now get excited to go to the gym because of my new mp3 news files i get to listen, they also have other stuff like IT convesations and philosophical debates or movie reviews! just a ton of stuff different everyday! So put your MP3 player to use! other than just music! Learn! learn! learn! I say...

* FLASH REPORT: For iPod Owners, Itunes 4.9 now supports Podcasting! thanks to my cuzn Marc for the info! this should encourage you guys to get into podcasting now that the apple guys have made it even more convenient!
Click here for more info on the apple site.

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marc said...

Love podcasting! iTunes has already integrated podcasting in it so it's super easy to do, you don't have to download software like ipodder or anything like that. Loff it.