Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Introducing the BENQ P50! Live and in my hands!

Here I am practically trying not to drool over the BENQ P50 smartphone prototype!
Talk about "speaking too soon" after just posting my article on the Treo 600, my bro walks right into my room and sets this baby in my hands! at long last a viable successor to my trustly old treo 600.

Just a few things about the BENQ P50

Operating System: Windows Mobile Second Edition (too bad it isnt 5.0 version)
- Wifi, as last!
- Bluetooth
- 1.3 Megapixel camera
- SD expansion

The major turn on here is the WIFI capability! i have yet to see how long the battery will last given playing with the thing one whole day! but feel wise, its very solid! and the material is good! complete with rubber side grips. Size is very managable and one handed operation is possible as well. The keyboard is amazing as it even has a "tab" button and a "windows" button. At tad bit of disappointment however on the tiny center stick which acts as a navigator button, i still love the Treo's outstanding 5-way navigation button. Back to playing for now... Yahooo! Hope this baby comes out soon in retail stands! FORGET even about the HP Mobile Messenger 6500, dont buy it!!!!!its a waste of money!

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shawy said...

does it have a twin? :) what's on your SD expansion card?