Monday, August 22, 2005

Treo 600: My "Do it All" Phone/PDA!

My "as of the moment" handy and very capable personal assistant! In fact, its so good I had to get 2, one for my smart and one for my sun cell. Since the new treo 650 came out, shops have lowered the price of the 600 down to 18k, and when ppl started to buy more 600's rather 650's they brought the price back up a bit by 900 pesos hehe good thing i was able to get my 2 units at 18k.

Anyway, the question why I love this phone and why it is probably the only phone that has lasted in my possesion for atleast a year (a record for me! is because of the multitude of things it can do!

Primary things that is a must for me in a "SMARTPHONE = (cellphone+PDA)" !:

1.) FAST! FAST! FAST! no frills Operating system. esp to send a simple txt

2.) Great battery life, atleast 2 days without charging despite full use!

3.) Keyboard, i am a keyboard cowboy and just have to type! and type fast!

4.) GPRS and TONS of Software to make use of it, like VPN (to connect to my office, Email and my most adored application, VERICHAT! (www.verichat.com) I'll write an article just for this app soon. Basically, verichat keeps me logged in to yahoo and msn messenger all day for free, and allows me to do everything i can do on a laptop IM program, like send files and photo's. This program had saved my long distance calls from the U.S., from an average of 10k plus to just 2k in gprs fee's (.25 centavos per kb)

5.) Loud speaker for music and ringtones.

6.) Memory Expansion, right now i have a 1 gig SD card fufilling my hearts desire! =)

7.) Camera, am using this to upload to this blog right from my phone! heck most of the articles on this blog was done on my treo! from taking the photo and writing the article all in under a minute! believe it brother, sometimes while even driving.. uh oh! bloggin and driving at the sametime.. note to self: not safe!

The Treo 600 has all of this! the only thing i wish it also had was WIFI! which is not so far from now! =)

AT any rate, this phone does it all for me! its the most well put together piece of "smart phone" that suites me best, forget all the others like the o2 xda's and P900's... none of them can claim the 5 points that i just raised! I've converted atleat 5 ppl to loyal treo 600 fans/owners and they are extrememly happy with it and even convincing their friends too! Come one! you cant go wrong for functionality like that at the price of P18,000! So whatcha waiting for? hurry and get one before the local stores run out soon!

There are so much more reasons why i love this phone and up to now, there still isnt a suitable replacement for it, well maybe till the benq p50 comes out, but that will have to prove its battery life to me since its running a windows mobile OS which is notorious for short batt life, so until then the treo 600 will be one tough cookie to beat.. =) I still want WIFI!!!

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